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Valentine you warm my heart FREE printable!

valentine you warm my heart 013

    Are you still looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day? So am I. Yes, I know I made these cute little printables for popcorn. But, I still have a huge bag of the heart-mallows left, along with some hot chocolate I over stocked-up on. My solution? Another cute printable, some goodie bags and ribbon and I’ve got a sweet little Valentine that Lexie can share with her … [Read more...]

easy Valentines with a free printable

valentine project 004

    You ever have one of those days that you just kinda feel 'blah'  for no reason at all? Well that's the kind of day I'm having. Cranky, snappy, need more caffeine, could really use a back rub, and maybe even a big piece of chocolate cake. And, I should probably apologize to Brandon too! I was telling him about my idea for this printable and he tried to make a few … [Read more...]