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The coffee’s on me!

Cup Of Joe For A Joe

Around here, coffee is an important part of our day. Whether it’s in the morning before starting a busy day, in the evening after that day got a bit stressful, or the endless pots consumed on a long relaxing weekend. We drink a lot of coffee. Well, imagine if you were a soldier and your workday was in a place far from the comforts of your home. While deployed. That just ‘upped’ the … [Read more...]

I’m ready to take on YOUR challenge

  Yesterday while at the commissary B said he needed some of the new 3 in 1 laundry sheets for his ‘trip’ overseas. He said that sometimes they don’t have access to laundry service over there and when they do their stuff is basically just washed in super hot water with no detergent....um.... gross! FYI: I’ll be buying every box the commissary has on the shelf. So we picked him up … [Read more...]