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Mummy Pops :)

Mummy Pops

Do any of you guys remember the old Abbott and Costello movies that were supposed to be scary? Like when they met Frankenstein, the Werewolf or the Mummy? I think in one they may have even met all three.  I wouldn’t know because I would’ve had a blanket on my head ;).  And don’t even get me started with that Michael Meyers dude, or the music they have to play every time he’s on screen. (p.s. just … [Read more...]

My skin is still crawling….

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This year Lexie is fascinated by SPIDERS! To say I am a little less than thrilled would be an understatement. I. HATE. SPIDERS! Here's the latest incident to prove it: A couple of weeks ago I was online chatting with Brandon, it was late, the rest of the house was dark except for my bedside lamp. I told him I was going to grab something to drink and a snack. So I headed to the kitchen, … [Read more...]

*New* Weekly Crafts Feature: Halloween

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Hey There! I can not believe that 2011 will be over in just a few short months. Tomorrow starts the countdown to Halloween, and around here it's a pretty big deal! We have always decorated inside and out, and have often planned stuff for the following year before Halloween has come and gone for this one. BUT, this year, I'm not pulling everything out... all the tombstones, blacklights, … [Read more...]