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Cake Pops and Marshmallows… because I was bored ;)

You would think that I have plenty to do around here, which I do, but sometimes I just need a little break from the ‘everyday’ things. So the other day I decided to take a break and make some cake pops. I followed Bakerella’s (the QUEEN of cake pops, btw) directions for making pops and had a little fun.



And because I had a little of the melted candy melts left I tried to think of something to do with it…it was either that or eat the rest straight out of the bowl, which would have been fine, but… Then I remembered I had these in the pantry:



So I dipped one side of these into the leftover melts and sprinkled a few with some ‘love’.



There you have it, something to do when you’re bored with the ‘everyday’. These would be fun to do with the kids, so easy. My ‘big’ kid aka Brandon, had some fun too, he quickly learned that huge square cake pops fall off the stick and into the candy melts ;)




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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Besides being a Mom and Army wife I also enjoy crafting, being in the kitchen, and writing.
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Until my next post: HUGS!

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  1. Hey where did you get the JUMBO Heart Mallows?

  2. Oh next time your bored make extra for me! ;)

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