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Road trip: Bad Dad

This road trip isn’t a road trip in the sense that we were on a ‘trip’ so to speak…but we were in the car on our way to somewhere… where it was I forget now…because this is what happened:

We were living in Georgia at the time and B was deployed, and a lot of our ‘trips’ included other wives from his unit. This particular day it included my friend Stephanie. Lexi and I had picked her up and as usual the car was full of chatter and music was in the background. Lexi had her bag of Polly Pockets and was entertaining herself in the backseat. Most of the time, we never heard a peep out of her if she was ‘involved’ with her dolls.

Well Steph and I were talking about our guys and how we couldn’t wait for them to get home.

Stephanie said… “I will be so glad when they get home, this deployment has worn me out.”

“Me, too, and I will never move from one house to another while he’s gone, that was crazy.”

“It’s almost over though, no more holidays left for them to spend in Baghdad”

“I’m sure they’ll all be glad to get out of that place, and out of all that mess. I think that has been the worst part for me this deployment, is Brandon being in Baghdad, it scares the……”

Well, right about that time the sweet, quiet, little 4 year old in the backseat pipes up and said:


From the front seat came a fit of laughter, to the point of crying.

Laughter that only made it worse, let’s just say she was more than pissed that we were calling her Dad Bad, and now we were laughing.

Even after explaining what I had really said, it wasn’t good enough. I was not her favorite person, and her buddy Stephanie was going to have to find someone else to play Barbies with. If looks could kill we would have been dead right there…apparently you do not piss off a Daddy’s Girl, even if they are 4!

So, from there on out, we did not talk about Bad Dad in her presence, because obviously no matter how wrapped up into Polly she was, her little ears were perked and taking in every word we said.

And just for the record, her Dad IS a GOOD Dad :)

Yep, this sweet little thing wanted to shred us to pieces :)



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  1. That sweet little thing caused all that ruckus? She is TOO cute. Your tagline cracked me up!

    • Hi Dr. Leah Thank You for stopping by :)
      Yes, most of the time she is a sweet little thing, until you mess with her Daddy,lol!

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