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It’s my Anniversary and I’ll cry if I want to…

yes, I’ll cry!

for a little while….

then I’ll laugh and smile and think back to this day 10 years ago, when I married the man I thought could ony be found in Fairytales!

When he met me I was a single Mom, working, and going to school. Taking care of my daughter (by myself) was the only thing I had on my mind.

Then…. I met him. Almost the instant we spoke, I knew. And as much as I tried to stay focused on the future I had already chosen; his words, laugh, and smile just kept drawing me in. I tried so hard to ignore it, he’ll even tell you that…how many calls was it you made again?

After  long nights of talking, coffee, and a few beers…. I was definitely smitten, and there was no fighting the urge to turn and run. I’m sure he thought about it too, especially since I was a package deal that came with an 8yr old that was starting to think that a Daddy just wasn’t in her cards. She was wrong, not only has he been the Daddy she thought she’d never have, he’s been a great mentor and provider. I love him even more because of the relationship he has with her. He does it because he wants to, not because he has to!

Then there’s Alexis, he had her name picked out before we conceived her, our baby girl. He hung the moon as far she’s concerned, and is definitely a Daddy’s girl through and through. I know she loves me just as much, but there’s something about her goofy, funny, stinky Daddy that she adores. I can’t blame her, because I adore him too, even if he is stinky sometimes! All the jokes, lessons, and stories the two of them share make me happy knowing that she’ll never have to doubt his love. Thank you babe, for my daily reminder of our love, every time I look at her.

When people say they’re married to their best friend and soul mate, I know what they mean.

I love you Hunny, I miss you and wish you were here. And just so you know… if you’re deployed for our 20th, I’m going to Iraq!



10 years later











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  1. This is so unbelievably sweet! Happy Anniversary Brandi and Brandon!

  2. What an amazing tribute! You both are amazing :) I’m so glad you found each other, and I hope you won’t have to go to Iraq for #20!!! Happy Anniversary Brandi! Love the wedding photo!!!

    • Thanks Caroline :) I actually had a post written up that was about 2,000 plus words, but I scaled it back…a lot! which I cried through most of, so I think a lot of it was sappy talking, lol!

      I’ve gotten a few emails today asking to see more wedding pics so I may post a few more here in a day or two ;)

      I read this afternoon where they are cutting the Army’s 12 month deployments down to 9 months, starting Jan 1, 2012, so at least if he has to go back it won’t be for as long….but if I have to go over there to celebrate my 20th, I will not be a happy camper,lol !

  3. Beautiful! Happy Belated Anniversary! xo

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