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Ooops ;)

The entire weekend just flew by without a whole lot of time to be selfish.

I had totally planned on sharing a project I’ve been working on and adding a little bling to here and there. Please accept my apologies.

I did still find the time to have a little Selfish Sunday treat. I waited until everyone was in bed and the house was quiet and I gave myself a facial.

I love, love, love philosophy’s The Oxygen Peel  It’s not actually a peel in the sense that you peel it off…and that’s one of the things I love about it. The other thing is that it leaves my skin feeling baby soft.**

I start off by gently scrubbing my face with philosophy’s microdelivery exfoliator or purity made simple(it depends on whether I’ve worn make up that day)  rinse then pat dry. The oxygen peel is a two step process for mixing the catalase enzyme powder with the amount of water specified–everything you need to mix it comes in the kit, even a little jar and spatula. After letting it sit for a minute to form a gel you rub it on your face and then folllow it up with the second step which is applying the oxygen foam over the gel. Let that sit for at least a minute but no longer than 3 and then remove it with the included spatula, or you can rinse it off. This can be done once a week or for 3 days in a row for a deep clean.





Even though it only took a few minutes to do this,  I felt selfish. ;)

I love these three things so much that I have them on auto delivery from one of the shopping channels. They have great deals on sets, and supersize bottles that you can’t find anywhere else. However, I have ordered from philosophy’s site as well because they always offer shipping discounts,  sometimes free samples, and great deals on their yummy 3 in 1  washes…Coconut Frosting is my fave ;) And I love trying out the seasonal ‘flavors’.

What are some of the things you indulge in or splurge on when it comes to beauty treatments or skincare?




** I am in NO way affiliated with philosophy and I am NOT receiving any payment or incentive to post my opinion. My opinions in this post are of my own experience with these products.


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  1. I can’t wait to see the project!!! Fun!
    Does the mask make your skin feel tight or stretched? The ones I used to use always made my skin feel so tight. I may have to try this out!

    • I can’t wait to share it… I’m such a perfectionist though so I think that’s why it’s taking me so long on this one…I want it to be ‘just right’.

      The thing I LOVE about this mask is that it doesn’t do that at all. I was skeptical to try it at first because I hate that feeling. But I saw it being demonstrated on ‘Q….V…C… and I had to give it try. I lucked out and it was included in one of their daily specials with the Super Size of the other two products that I love, so I couldn’t pass it up.

  2. thanks for sharing this! i haven’t had a facial in so long, i didn’t know what to use and i was just saying that yesterday! i was thinking i’d have to go looking for a mary kay consultant because that’s the brand i used years ago. so glad i stopped by!

    • Vanita, I love the products I mentioned. I have sensitive skin and several brands make me want to scratch my skin off…. this one is wonderful! I love that it’s easy enough to do myself. Also, I’ve paid as much for ONE facial as it cost me to get this and do it myself 20 times….I’ve also done them on my daughters since there’s more than enough gel for one face ;)

      if you try it come back and let me know what you think :)

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