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gingerbread 2012 022

All we need is Dad… wrapping up our Christmas!

    Well, Lexi and I had planned to share a couple of more posts for you before Christmas but she’s been  feeling a little under the weather the past couple of days. So a few of the things we wanted to make and share with you have been put on hold I didn’t want [...]

wreath candies 004

Gramma Bonnie’s Christmas Wreaths

  Do you all have memories of childhood Christmas’ of being in the kitchen with Mom or Grandma making a special candy or treat that only they could make? No matter what anyone tried or how well they followed the recipe it just wasn’t the same because it wasn’t made by them. Well, this treat [...]

gingerbread 2012 012

Holiday Traditions when Dad’s deployed?

  Lexi and I have been busy little bees the past few months. I always say I am going to keep us distracted by Brandon’s deployments by making our to-do list eleventy million miles long. So long in fact that it usually gets ‘lost’ somewhere and we create a new one, at least fifty bajillion [...]

lemonblueberry cupcakes 012

Lemon Filled Cupcakes with Blueberry Buttercream

  Hey there!!! It feels so good opening the ‘dashboard’ for the blog after such a long break. It’s only been what?…a bajillion years or so since I last posted. Not really, but it sure seems like it. I’ve missed you guys! Our Summer has been crazy busy….more so than usual. But it’s starting to [...]


How does your team play the game?

  Today is a special day for us at Team Duncan. We always enjoy connecting with other family teams and hearing about how they manage work, play, kids, life, and especially each other. We’d like to introduce you to Raul and Lucy, an awesome couple and team from Puerto Rico. We met Raul and Lucy [...]


I’ve gone viral and you can too!

Something occurred to me a couple of weeks ago. I finally, after my 36th birthday, figured out what I am. I’m a “creator”. (Not to be confused with THE creator, mind you. That would be extraordinarily arrogant and possibly crazy of me to say.) You see, there are many different types of people in this [...]


You can’t experience what you don’t try

  “You can’t experience what you don’t try.” Seems like a “no-brainer” statement, doesn’t it? If you said “yes” or an equivalent “DUH”, I’d agree with you 100%. But, there’s more to it than just the words you see written there. Let me explain a little further: Think back on a particular time in your [...]